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Gabrielle and Jonathan at Nanina’s in the Park

Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding How did you meet? We were introduced through a mutual group of friends at a TGI Friday’s one night. We quickly started a friendship. I had a boyfriend at the time and although I found Jonny to be handsome and funny, I wasn’t thinking about a relationship with him. Right away, Jonny liked me. Our group of mutual friends would bribe him to go out by telling him that I would be there. After about three years of friendship and my relationship with my ex ended, there were three consecutive weekends where we kept bumping into each other. After that we started hanging out every weekend on purpose. Our friendship naturally grew into something more after several years. Gabrielle-Jonathan-Real-Wedding-Nanina's Will you marry me? We woke up on a Sunday morning, and Jonny asked if I wanted to go to Verona Park. This wasn’t uncommon because we would often go to this beautiful park to walk or relax, but on this day it was a little bit cloudy so I said I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. Quickly offended that I was ruining his plans, Jon told me we were going and that was it. He also expressed disappointment that I decided to throw on the same clothes I wore the night before and not do my hair or makeup (oops!). We took separate cars to the park, which didn’t tip me off because Jon had work later in the day and we weren’t living together at the time. Jon said he would stop to get me something to eat at the park because he knew I was very close to becoming hangry. He arrived at the park a little later than I did with beautiful sunflowers and a breakfast pastry. As I ate my pastry, I could tell Jon was getting impatient with me. He kept asking if I was going to finish the danish. After I did finish eating, Jon pulled out a small portable speaker and suggested we listen to some music. He started playing “A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri and rose to his feet. It was at this time I started to realize what was happening because I noticed a bulge in his pocket (the ring box). Swiftly, Jon dropped to one knee. “Will you marry me and make me the happiest man in the world?” he asked. I was in utter shock and then even more overwhelmed with emotion when my parents came running toward us. They had been hiding behind trees taking photos of the whole engagement! Danielle-Jonathan-Real-Wedding-Nanina's Details of your day: Our wedding day theme was classic elegance with a twist. Our flowers and décor consisted of crystals, cascading orchids, white and neutral color roses, and branches. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Danielle-Jonathan-Real-Wedding-Nanina's Our florist and decorator also designed a lounge space around the dance floor with dimly lit candles, low bar tables, black couches and elegant throw pillows. This created an extremely elegant feel and got great use by guests surrounding the dance floor. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-WeddingDanielle-Jonathan-Real-Wedding-Nanina's The bridesmaids dresses were pewter and their bouquets were light and neutral, which really popped off the gray. Our favors were cake pops that were decorated in neutral and blush colors and wrapped with gold details. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanna's-Real-Wedding Why did you choose Nanina’s in the Park? We chose our wedding venue mainly because of its extraordinary food and culinary offerings. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding We had a humungous cocktail hour with everything from sushi, to homemade mozzarella being made at cocktail hour, to fresh lobster on the outdoor grill, and even a wine tasting and martini bar. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding   Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Nanina’s in the Park is gorgeous and hosts a breathtaking bridal suite. Their service and reputation are also unbeatable. Knowing that we couldn’t get the amount of quality food and the royal service anywhere else, our venue was an easy choice for us. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Wedding menu: Our dinner menu featured a tuscan wedding salad with spinach, arugula, endive, radicchio, toasted walnuts, asian pears and crumbled gorgonzola cheese in a port wine balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Our entrée was Chateaubriand and shrimp Nanina’s combination. We also offered chicken Sorrentino and eggplant napoleon. Our cake was alternating tiers of red velvet with cream-cheese frosting and vanilla and chocolate cake with coffee cream. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Wedding gown: My wedding gown had a sweetheart neckline and had beaded lace hugging me from the neckline and down my hips. The train was layers of lace detail. The gown had a gold slip underneath which really made the lace and beading pop. I knew this gown was the one because it made me feel more like a princess than all the big princess ball gowns did. It combined so many things I loved about other dresses and it wasn’t purely white, which I loved. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Before I even showed anyone this dress, I had an emotional moment with my consultant in the fitting room. The consultant immediately grabbed a veil and we walked out to show my family and friends knowing this was the one. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding What was your favorite moment? My favorite moment of our wedding was being announced into the reception for the first time ever as husband and wife. The energy was incredibly high as we walked in and after that, the party never stopped. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Gabrielle-Jonathan-Real-Wedding-Nanina's One detail you couldn’t live without? I couldn’t live without the details on my bouquet. I had charms with pictures of my grandparents and great grandmother who passed away and my great grandma’s rosary beads. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Did anything go wrong? At the end of the night, our hotel room didn’t have the rooms we booked! Jon and I, along with most of our family ended up having to go get an Uber home. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding First dance song? “At Last” by Etta James   Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Advice for other brides? My advice is on your wedding night not to worry about making sure you talk to everyone. Everyone can meet you on the dance floor! Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding Honeymoon: Paradisus Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Danielle-Jonathan-Nanina's-Real-Wedding

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