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Alyson and Jordan at the Nassau Inn

Posted on October 02, 2017 by New Jersey Bride

Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photographyHow did you meet? Princeton was the perfect spot for us to have our wedding. We met back in 2006 when we were both at Princeton University acting as resident advisers for a summer school program.   Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography Since we were both attending different colleges—Georgetown and University of Wisconsin—we kept our long-distance connection alive by staying in touch, occasionally meeting up and even studying together abroad in London. Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photographyOver the next few years, our relationship grew and we were finally able to move in together in New York City.   Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photographyWill you marry me? It was back at Princeton on our ninth anniversary where Jordan proposed to me—at the same place where we had first met—on the steps of Holder Hall. He also presented me with a home-made scrapbook full of all of our memories together. Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography Details of your day: We chose the Nassau Inn because of sentimental reasons; because it borders on Princeton’s campus; because it was so easy for our guests to get to (easily accessible by public transportation and driving); because it was right in the midst of a beautiful town (so guests had other things to do besides the wedding); and largely because of Nassau Inn’s all-inclusive approach—guests could stay over at the inn, attend our wedding, and have brunch in another beautiful room of the inn the next day. Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography, I had heard great things about the venue from others who had attended weddings there in the past. Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography   Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography [sponsor] Menu: After a champagne toast, guests could choose from filet mignon with wild mushrooms in a Merlot demi-glace, grilled salmon with a roasted tomato beurre blanc and vegetable strudel. Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography Alongside the wedding cake, we also added ice cream from the Bent Spoon, which was a crowd favorite! Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography Favorite moment: The moment we said I do. Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography I knew the hard part was over and it was time to just enjoy the moment with friends and family and my new husband! Couldn’t live without? Our families…this wedding was a real team effort!  Without them it wouldn’t have happened. Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography Something that went wrong: My veil went missing! My bridesmaid Alaina and my dad actually purchased a new one on the day of the wedding…it actually was prettier than the original! Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography Favorite detail: The rosemary tied on the menus; it took an army of my family hours to tie them and I feel like it was a great first impression for friends and family to welcome them into the reception room. Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography Honeymoon: Greece: Athens, Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini. Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography Alyson-Jordan-Nassau-Inn-Real-Wedding-Rachel-Watkinson-photography

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