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Alexa & Tom at Indian Trail Club

Posted on September 20, 2023 by New Jersey Bride

Alexa and Tom met on a blind date arranged by his sister and her cousin. For their Indian Trail Club wedding, the pair loved the nature that surrounds the venue and the elegant ballroom with rustic touches. Plus, the couple loves to play tennis so a tennis-club venue was the perfect fit.

Their Story

An Indian Trail Club wedding.
Photo: Bri Johnson Weddings

His version: “I work at the same company as my sister and three years ago, I dropped off a cup of coffee at her office and met Alexa’s cousin, Jillian,” says Tom. “After some small talk, Jillian got straight to the point by telling me that I was cute, asking if I had a girlfriend and then she and my sister started to brainstorm who they could set me up with. I was hesitant to have my sister involved in any blind date scenario and had work to do, so I left them to their matchmaking. Ten minutes later, I got a phone number and picture of Alexa that was followed by a time and place to meet. On our first date at The Spaniard, Alexa did most of the talking while I just kept looking at her thinking about how beautiful she was.

Her version: “Tom and I got set up on a blind date by his sister and my cousin who worked together,” says Alexa. “Our first date was at a bar called the Spaniard in New York, which must have been an omen for our first trip together to Spain.”

The Proposal

An Indian Trail Club wedding.
Photo: Bri Johnson Weddings

His version: “After our first date I jokingly (but kind of seriously) sent my sister a calendar invite for our engagement party 1 year away,” says Tom. “I waited 2 years to propose to Alexa – out on Pier 25 and we rolled right into a surprise family/friend celebration that day in LBI on the first day of her annual family vacation.”

Her version: “Tom proposed at the pier outside my apartment in New York where he had surprised me after our third date by coming to my apartment the next morning to go for a run with me,” says Alexa. ‘He basically re-made this day to propose to me – it was perfect!”

Their Indian Trail Club Wedding

An Indian Trail Club wedding.
Photo: Bri Johnson Weddings

For their June 16, 2023 wedding, the couple wanted an atmosphere that was rustic, elegant, traditional and down-to-earth. The flowers in the wedding party’s bouquets were pink Mondial Roses, white Freesia and spray roses. The flowers in their mix of tall and short centerpieces were white Hydrangea, pink Novia roses, pink Larkspur and white Lisianthus, white Peonies and pink Dendrobium.

Why Indian Trail Club?

An Indian Trail Club wedding.
Photo: Bri Johnson Weddings

“We love the elegant ballroom that still has a rustic touch,” says Alexa. “Our favorite part is the nature surrounding the venue – the trees lining the lake took our breath away. We also love to play tennis, so the tennis club is a fitting venue for us!”

Bridal Style

“I tried on at least 60 dresses to get the perfect balance of simplicity with a little glam,” says Alexa.

Favorite Detail

An Indian Trail Club wedding.
Photo: Bri Johnson Weddings

“The venue was the one part of our day that we couldn’t live without,” says Alexa. “The breathtaking nature surrounding the venue, particularly the majestic trees along the lake, added a touch of natural beauty to the setting.”


“Facebook groups can be very helpful to source ideas, answer questions, and buy secondhand items,” says Alexa.


The couple went to Bali and Koh Samui in Southeast Asia.

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